Rik Bracho

Creative Director — Founder

Modernist, hardworking, and perfectionist, Rik has been creating honest, inspiring design since 1999. Founder of Face, Page, Artvvork & now editor of P Magazine. He is a big fan of simple things, the power of details, sneakers, printed magazines, his dogs Ella & Milla, and his beloved wife Mariana García.

CEDIM / Central St. Martins, 2002
Monterrey, México — 1980

P MAGAZINE / Artvvork.
Instagram: @rikbracho



Ricardo Tejada

CAO — Founder

World-savvy, always busy, Ricardo has been promoting and producing music events since 2000. Founder of Face, Hardpop, and Pastilla Digital. He likes techno music, mezcal, bicycles, traveling the world, producing some of the best concerts around, and his all-time favorites: life, and his beautiful daughter Dasha.

UDEM, 2005 / SAE Institute Barcelona, 2012
Ciudad Juárez, México — 1980

Pastilla Digital / Hardpop
Twitter: @donpastillo



Aarón R. Domínguez

Art Director — Partner

Industrious, laid-back, with a sharp eye for design, Aarón has been in the field since 2005, merging his aesthetic sense with his programming skills to create a broad experience in brand development. Endless aficionado of geometry and typography, work and rest, winter and summer, and his dear wife Alemania.

University of Texas at El Paso, 2010
El Paso, USA — 1987

Aa. / Kreativa
Instagram: @by_aa



Iván Pedroza

Senior Designer

Good-natured and intuitive, keenly attentive to detail and obsessed with modernism in all its forms, Ivan is a resourceful designer, using his appreciation of other fields to build up his aesthetic skill. A fan of finely curated design blogs, magazines, furniture design, and Google Maps.

ITSON, 2008
Ciudad Obregón, México — 1985

Instagram: @ivanpedroza



Isabela Carranza

Designer / Creative Writer

A lively world-connoisseur, it was Isabela's life-long passion for illustration that set her on the path of design. Student, designer, aspiring writer, and know-it-all, she is obsessed with details, timeless design, music, the rhythm of words, wikipedia, the animal kingdom, and everything that is green with leaves on it.

CEDIM, 2013
Monterrey, México — 1989

Isabela Carranza
Instagram: @isabelinksi



Sandy Bracho-Hyland

Brand Representative @ Toronto

Enthusiastic, diligent and vastly experienced in the trade of communication, Sandy took to the design world like a fish takes to water. Now living as Face's international brand agent in Toronto, she has a weakness for the world of fashion, good design, and creative people. Also, heels. Lots of them.

UANL, 1998
Monterrey, México — 1976

Sandy Bracho-Hyland
Instagram: @sandybracho